So, I just finished reading The Wrath and The Dawn, by Renee Ahdieh, and I am not satisfied with that ending. Have any of you ever felt that way? You read a book, and you’re loving it, and once you find out that it’s a series (in this case, a duology), you’re ecstatic. But once you get to that ending, the next book is needed immediately. So basically, Renee Ahdieh, if you’re reading this:

Yeah, that’s basically it.

Of German movies and books

So, in case you don’t know which German book to movie adaptation I’m talking about, Ruby Red. Also known as Rubinrot. I read this book in the beginning of march. I loved it. Literally, I could not stop gushing of Gideon. And then, I watched the movie last week. And DAYUM. German movies are awesome and epic and I want Smaragdgrun NOW GODDAMMIT. I think I prefer Saphirblau to Rubinrot though. I enjoy the plot of Saphirblau more and the characters are so much more developed :).

Of Camp Nanowrimo and Writing: When one is confused.

So, I joined camp nanowrimo.

This story. This darned story.

Don’t get me wrong, I love where it’s going. I’m a 150 words in, and I really like my main character. Just, how does one find a plot? I have been writing this for the past ten minutes and I like it. It’s just hard gosh darn it. How did I convince myself that writing 50,000 words in one month is plausible? What do I do with my life? GAHHHHH.

So, writers out there, I call out to you. Tips? Advice? How does one do this?

That’s about it for today. Reply, advise me. If you’re doing camp Nanowrimo, how’s it going? Are you keeping track? Because I I certainly haven’t 😉

Of Fantasy and Contemporary; how I pick.

Now, being an avid reader, I’m not too picky about the genre. As long as it’s well written and I find myself enjoying it, I will see it through the end. But as all readers do, I have my favourites: contemporary and fantasy.

I find that it really depends on my mood. If i’m in a rotten mood and find myself looking for a cutesy romance that I can gush over, I will go for a contemporary. (Recs: Stephanie Perkins, Since You’ve Been Gone, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) Of course, I might also go for a Rick Riordan to keep me laughing 😉

And then I might be in an adventurous mood or just bored and wanting to sink into another’s life. In that case, I’d go for just about anything. (Recs: Throne of Glass, Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, Red Rising) Just like this kitty:

But yes. I will randomly pick a book off of my rather large to-read list (*cries* it’ll never be empty) and read.

To conclude, it’s mostly on what mood I am in. Now, discuss :D. How do you pick? What are your favourite genres?